Am I quitting freelancing?

One of Ani’s five stories, which tells how not to fall into a trap, agreeing with the client on the price of the order and earn online without getting into money.


Freelancing is easy. Sit at home, work without an alarm clock and boss, next to the sofa and refrigerator – and earn money for yourself! That’s what Anya thought six months ago. Now she was sitting by the window, sobbing and swearing. Another customer disappeared, paying 30% of the agreed price. The work went on for 2 weeks, edits came late at night or early in the morning. After receiving the final layout, the client disappeared.

What went wrong? Why does she threaten her laptop screen with her freelancing for good?

Tip: Do not rush to take up a test task without specifying the following 4 points:

1. Test tasks

Test tasks are very fond of Anya. Despite the portfolio in the freelancehunt account, where more than 300 works and 20 positive reviews, customers ask to do a trial work. Every time she gives in.

The works made do not meet the requirements: there is no TK or a minimum one is provided to see the level and handwriting of the Author, his ability to understand the requirements on the fly. After receiving the files, the customer disappears.

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One day, Anya finds her work on a third-party website. By contacting the Administrators of the resource, he learns that no one knows the client who ordered them. The project itself was provided to them by some outsourcing company.

There are clients who like test tasks. But Anina’s price for the work is too high, and the order is canceled.

Invitation to the project – template letters are alarming. Scammers often use this technique to get free works.

Owners of large businesses or responsible managers do not always view the profiles of all performers. So I got into the project to fill the site DNS shop, where for a month I personally developed more than 1 000 000 descriptions.

Staff turnover is impressive: a large network “packs” recruited authors and content managers. Did not pass the task on time or the quality does not meet the requirements – goodbye! HR managers updated the database every week, and test tasks helped to weed out unsuitable candidates.

A small project does not need trial work. They drag out time. The “combat” task will be more difficult, the performer does not cope – and everything needs to start from the beginning.

A serious client values his time. He is looking for a person who will solve the problem without creating a new one. It is important for him to see the portfolio and approach to business in a personal conversation.

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Tip: prove yourself to be a professional. Love your work account. Design your work beautifully, add links to published projects on the network. If the portfolio is small, the works have not yet been published, or they are not available at all, create a personal order for yourself! Artemy Lebedev in his Blog said that he showed the first customers works made for non-existent companies. He drew sites as he saw fit and showed the result at a business meeting.

2. Terms of Reference

If the client’s requirements are minimal or not at all, make your own list of questions or a document beautifully laid out and partially filled out for a test project.

Tip: If the client is very busy, agree on a “five-minute” skype. Explain that this will help you understand all the requirements, qualitatively do a test task today or tomorrow, and then take on the rest of the project.

3. Price and scope of the project

What awaits you in case of successful passing the test? Find out all the details and ask about the price. If the final price is unbearable for the Customer, then you spend your and his time with a test task.

Tip: Value customers’ time and your own. You can spend it searching for or completing a task that another client will pay for.

4. Partial or full prepayment

This is relevant in the case of a responsible and complex project. Offer to reserve an amount through safe transaction on Freelancehunt: this way, you will not be able to receive money if the requirements or quality are not met.

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I had a case with a client who initially signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with me, after which he created a Personal Project with a 100% payment reserve on a freelance site. The project was so important to him.

If there are no feedback or similar projects yet, give the Client your recommendations on the project or make a brief work plan.

Offer to do the rest for full or partial prepayment.

Tip: Sell your service to the client. Argue your position competently. Tell us about your experience, write examples of the work performed.

In the following story, you will learn how to properly discuss the TK with the client.
To learn more why you do not need to leave Freelancing in a hurry, and how to bypass controversial moments in the Projects, follow our updates!

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