How a Freelancer Can Find New Clients: 8 Ways

There are many positive moments in the work of a freelancer: there are no bosses on you, you can work, as they say, from anywhere in the world. But there is one nuance: when there are no customers, there is no money. So the question of finding customers is not an idle one.

Now, without long prefaces, I will list the main methods of finding customers on freelancing.

Partnership with other freelancers

If you are just starting out, it makes sense to “get a job” in an agency or as an apprentice to a more experienced colleague.

Pros: you do not need to look for customers, senior colleagues will provide you with orders.

Cons: prices will be quite low.

Cooperation with agencies

Working for an agency is a common thing for freelancing. Many customers want some guarantees, so they do not dare to work with singles.

Usually, agencies recruit workers on freelance exchanges and other similar sites. You can offer your services directly by finding the agency’s website through a search.

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In fact, good agency professionals are paid decent money.

I myself work for a company that deals with marketing. I regularly receive orders for writing informational articles and also write posts for VKontakte.

Device as an “apprentice” to an experienced freelancer

Collaborating with other freelancers is a great way to strengthen your position. Often, experienced freelancers outsource simpler jobs to boost their earnings.

My colleague and I create a resume. He is in charge of the website and direct, and I write the lyrics.

Publication of cases in the media

A working marketing strategy: finding customers through publications in the media. Usually, this is done by companies that sell, say, windows or vacuum cleaners, but how are we freelancers worse?

A freelancer has his own product that can be advertised. Content marketing will bring you a whole breakthrough of customers.

Tip: publish cases on VC, write reviews on “Review marketing”, answer questions “Quora”.


You can publish cases on and thereby attract new customers and partners. Tell us about how your work has benefited the customer. The Medium audience is large enough for someone to pay attention to you and contact you. You can find the customer by responding to the comments below the article.

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Review marketing

The top service of reviews trustpilot – it brought me, several cash customers.

You can act as standard: publish reviews on various services with which you have dealt.

I advise you to fill out a profile so that it is clear to your potential customers that you are a real professional.


Another suitable service for content marketing. Answer users’ questions about relevant topics.

You will be noticed, and some readers of the answers are sure to become your customers.

Development of your website and advertising

Of course, no one has canceled the simplest opportunity: to attract customers through advertising on the Internet and the development of your website. I have a website, sometimes I put ads in search for some queries, like “order an article” and so on.

True, this is by no means a cheap option, so it is more suitable for professionals or studios.

However, creating your own website is not such a big problem. You can use designers or the services of a freelance programmer. You still need a website to tell your customers about yourself.

The site can attract customers through search. True, you will have to regularly publish useful articles on it. After all, search engines love large and high-quality sites.

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Many companies drive traffic through search, and freelancers are no worse. You will have to spend a lot of effort, money and time on the site, but then it will bear fruit in the form of customers.

Word of mouth

Real people who advertise your activities are cool. I am often approached by customers for recommendations. For example, if you do a good job, you will definitely be recommended.

I found a job in a news agency because I was recommended to them by my former customer who wrote news for him.

Attending professional events

You need to expand your circle of professional acquaintances. So I advise everyone to attend specialized conferences, exhibitions and so on. You can find both customers and partners.

Do not forget that freelancing is, in fact, your own business. Many successful freelancers register entrepreneurship.

And just getting to know people is fun.

Registration on freelance exchanges

I left the freelance exchanges for last. It is quite clear that this is the top 1 place to find customers.

Pros of exchanges:

  • many customers;
  • payment guarantees;
  • convenient search for orders.


  • great competition;
  • as a rule, paid access to orders (Freelancehunt is an exception).

I found 80% of my clients on freelance exchanges.

I wish you good luck in finding customers!


Written by Shubham

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