How companies and freelancers promote themselves: 10 most effective brand management tools

According to unofficial studies of freelance exchanges and HR companies, 5 out of 10 specialists cannot find a project or dream job, working for pennies or with very unpleasant customers. And the problem is not at all in the skills and abilities of a person but in the ability to promote oneself as a brand and self-presentation. A similar problem is observed in young companies that prefer to save on the marketing department, considerably losing profits. Let’s analyze some practical brand management tools to win in front of the competition.

Promotion tools for companies


Identity is a tool that is important for forming visual associations with a brand. Corporate colors, font, certain symbols, logo, corporate identity (development of corporate colors, own symbols, general visual style), and brand book are all elements of identity.

The purpose of this promotion tool is to convey the company’s central values through visual details.

Company or person blog

A vivid example of successful content marketing of companies in the blog format is the project “T-Z” of Tinkoff Bank and the personal website of Maxim Ilyakhov. In the first case, this made it possible to make the bank’s customers more loyal. Maxim Ilyakhov, thanks to the blog, shows his expertise in copywriting editing.

Three main goals of blogging in 2019:

  • prove expertise, level of competence in your niche;
  • make the client more loyal, trusting, in order to bring him to the next stage of cooperation (usually this is the transition from a lead magnet to a tripwire);
  • unload the client-service from constantly recurring questions.

You may not have your blog or multi-page website, and still, collaboration with the media or other brands will be successful. To do this, you only need to agree on the terms of cooperation:

  • who prepares the material;
  • how long it will take;
  • collaboration will be paid or on the terms of mutual pr;
  • it will be a one-time service or a full-fledged, long-term cooperation.
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In 8 out of 10 cases, the company prepared the material that offered to work together in compliance with the partner’s editorial policy.

The purpose of the collaboration is to increase brand awareness (the more often its name appears in different media, the higher the chances that a person will remember it and ask for services).

Promotion tools for independent specialists


A resume is essential even for an independent freelancer if his goal is to cooperate with a specific company (both as a remote employee and in the format of one-time projects). Often this tool is not given importance, sending an unstructured, illogical, and generally incomprehensible document in Word. As a result, there is no answer. There is no cooperation.

And it is enough to arrange at least information about yourself using a template for a resume in the format of an image or pdf file, and this will already distinguish you from competitors.

Four essential rules when creating a resume:

  • edit it according to each vacancy or project;
  • indicate only relevant experience, and not all that has been “accumulated”;
  • instead of listing job duties, it is better to talk about achievements and real cases;
  • do not submit one resume for 5 different vacancies, especially in 1 company.


A beautiful portfolio can be not only by web designers or other creative specialists. All your experience is packed into a selling file, thanks to unique templates for the portfolio. It’s cheaper than making your website (especially if you don’t even know how to create one-pagers) and faster than trying to learn the basics of web design in a day. Do not forget to update it regularly when designing a portfolio.

Common promotion tools

Design of social networks

Much depends on the chosen social network: on Facebook, it is better to focus on texts and videos, on Instagram – on video and photos, in VK – on texts, images, videos. The main thing is to maintain a single style in everything: do not forget about the brand’s voice, its visual chips, exciting and original editing, the angle in the photo, etc.

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The recommendations are the same if you are a freelancer and use social networks as a portfolio. If you promote a personal brand, your small online store, or other business on Instagram, the best solution is to use ready-made templates for social networks. This immediately solves the problems with corporate identity the development of a visual content plan.


The ability to make competent, high-quality presentations is a necessary skill in any niche in 2019. This can come in handy in these specific situations:

  • preparation for webinars, trainings, online or offline courses;
  • demonstration of their own ideas to potential investors (both at a personal meeting and at special startup events like Sikorsky Challenge in Kyiv);
  • search for partners for the implementation of common projects (even if it is your close friend or former colleague, it is more convenient to present your thoughts, developments in the form of a structured presentation than on an A4 sheet or Google Docs);
  • demonstrate the reporting of a company, department or individual to develop a new strategy or tactical plan.

In 2019, some companies in the creative industry were packing their values, mission, goals, ideas, principles of work into a presentation for the development of an HR brand. This saves time searching for employees and allows employees to get acquainted with the brand without unnecessary conversations and interviews. If you don’t have time to burden yourself with this and do not want to make a wrong impression on a potential employee, use templates for presentations from professional designers.


In addition to full-fledged, multi-page sites, companies create landing pages to promote individual products or services.

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When creating a site of any format are essential: When making a site of any format, the following are essential:

  • adaptability (so that it is convenient to watch both from the phone and from the computer);
  • structure, navigation (to think over a prototype, a structure based on information about the client’s path);
  • high-quality content – videos, images, texts.

If you are doing a landing page, it is better to adhere to the rule “one page – one call to action, one goal.” Typical CTAs (call to action): collect a customer base applications, redirect visitors to the event, sell a service or product.

Email newsletters

At first, a concise letter with a proposal for cooperation without a graphic addition is enough. But if you position yourself as a highly qualified specialist (especially in the creative or creative sphere), then it is essential to think about the design of even e-mails. The most budget option for those not friends with the design is the developed templates for email newsletters.

Participation in professional conferences

One of the best tools for direct promotion of a personal brand, increasing the number of customers, and the opportunity to meet interesting people is to launch a word of mouth mechanism.

Three possible forms of participation in conferences, forums, and other thematic events:

  • as a speaker (in this case, you need a presentation, corporate identity, perhaps a website);
  • as a sponsor (identity is important);
  • as an organizer (identity is important).

The goal is to increase brand awareness and employees’ or founders’ expertise.


In 2019, content (mainly text) and a visual component were important for brand promotion. They must necessarily correspond to a well-thought-out strategy (if you are a novice freelancer, it is essential to understand where you plan to move, with whom to cooperate, how to work, and what to come to).

Freelancers should put in order social networks, portfolios, resumes, personal blogs, websites – if they are working, marketing tools. Companies need to take care of identity, blogs, social networks, websites.


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