How to Combine Work and Leisure: Tips for Freelancers

Once a year it turns out to rest for those who know how to save money, or for people who earn well and can afford to spend current resources on vacation. My story begins with the desire to go on vacation to the sea in June with my wife. I didn’t collect much money (there is probably no such predisposition or a minimum). Working as a freelancer (I’m a copywriter) has been making a good income for a year now, and it’s always growing, as are the skills.

Before the trip, there were only a couple of thousand hryvnias on the card, but taking into account the fact that the road and accommodation were already paid. We went to the village of Koblevo in the Mykolaiv region, and I could not even imagine how expensive everything is there. After some thought, I decided on the first day that we would not have enough money even for 4-5 days. Upon arrival, I began to get used to it, looking for ways to connect to the Internet, so that there was always an opportunity to earn.

Work and catamaran

I thought, who might be interested in the standard ways of “freelancing”? On the second day of our stay at sea there were big waves and we rented a catamaran for half a day. In addition, I took a laptop with me to try a non-standard approach to work. Swimming 50 meters from the beach, where not a single soul interferes, there are no annoying clues, where peace and quiet reign, I opened my laptop.

On my phone, I set up an access point, went to Freelancehunt, and started selecting freelance projects for myself that I could complete in a short time. Taking on a simple task, I set about it. Wave vibrations did not interfere, but on the contrary – contributed to inspiration. The sea air, the shining sun that hid behind the roof of our water transport is more than just a rest. When you work and get the colossal energy of nature, new forces and feelings of new opportunities appear.

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Water slides, swimming pool and cooperation

It would seem that all these things are incompatible. In fact, combining outdoor activities and remote work is a great opportunity for me to simultaneously realize my potential and engage in physical activity. In between riding slides and other entertainment, I went to the site, wrote off with the customer, and finished the project in such conditions.

On the territory of the complex there was an opportunity to use WI-FI for free, so there were all chances to continue working as usual. The only downside was the noisiness, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to do what I loved. Thus, the pleasant was combined with the useful necessity.

Nightlife and workplace

At 22:00, life in Koblevo is just beginning, and after a walk in the fresh air, you can start working. Music is constantly playing nearby, but at the same time the sounds of a quiet, calm sea can be heard. We lived on the third floor of an economy hotel with a beautiful view of the beach. It was especially good to breathe at night, so the productivity was high.

I made a workplace for myself right on the shared balcony. When I finished writing the last lines of the article that needed to be handed over to the client, I thought about continuing the work. So I took another project and worked on it until dawn. I didn’t really want to sleep, and even more so after 02:00 everything went quiet. Only the tides were heard, and this helped me even more in my case.

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It should be noted that fatigue was absolutely not felt, and with each passing minute I wanted to write more and more. At that moment, I realized that modern man was very lucky, because each of us has all the opportunities to earn. In addition, it is not necessary to save money for holidays all year round. If you work as a freelancer, anything is possible, always and in any place.

Working — spending — Working

The scheme is very simple: you can go on vacation without money, or taking with you only for the first time. From the second day, it will not be difficult to work, sitting on the beach, listening to music, or secluded in silence, if you prefer remote cooperation. One has only to put very little effort into it – success is guaranteed.

I had to use paid WI-FI on the beach, but not pay for it. What was that like? Since we were staying in an economy hotel, there was no internet connection. Fortunately, there is a VIP hotel 10 meters from me, but the access point was password protected. I decided to go to it once and taste the home kitchen, then ask about the password. The waiter politely gave me access, and for the following days I used the internet unhindered and continued to do my favorite activities daily, taking swimming breaks. Therefore, if you go on vacation, regardless of the place of stay, then there is always an opportunity to earn. All you need is the sea, the desire to work on freelancing, a laptop and Wi-Fi.

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Life hack – how to work in difficult conditions

I offer some recommendations on how you can combine work and leisure. It is worth considering that this information is for informational purposes only, and everyone has the right to use their time as much as they want.

1. Turn on the music in your headphones
I personally advise everyone to listen to classical music while working. So you will not be distracted from business, and at the same time rest morally and physically.

2. Unnecessary thoughts

Discard thoughts that someone might be stopping you. Psychological calmness is one of the keys to fruitful work. It is also important to write down every detail. Try to use a notebook and a pen for notes in addition to a laptop – traditionally convenient tools.

3. Find a cozy, quiet, unusual place
It is not necessary to work at home, being on vacation. Be adventurous, choose a wide variety of jobs for freelancing. For this, not only the seashore is perfect, but also water transport.

4. Your smartphone is always on the help!
Wherever you are, there is almost always phone coverage. Use your mobile phone to create an access point and work wherever your heart desires.

And finally…

We know that for a freelancer, not only responsibility is important, but also a sense of freedom. Do not limit yourself, come up with the most daring ideas for organizing the workspace. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a new stage in your life. The Freelancehunt team, in turn, will always create all the conditions for comfortable cooperation between customers and performers, the rest depends only on you.


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