How to Create an Effective Job Post

A vacancy announcement is an important element of a recruitment campaign. Uninformative text with vague requirements for candidates is unlikely to cause the desire of applicants to respond to it. How to create an effective ad and attract the attention of exactly those specialists that you need?

Checklist to create an effective ad

The main task is to write an attractive announcement about the recruitment of employees, without embellishing the description of the company and working conditions. Let’s take a step-by-step look at what the ad should look like so that the maximum number of candidates responds to it:

  1. The name of the vacancy. Don’t use intricate notations. In simple words, describe what kind of specialist you are looking for. It is also desirable to specify information about the field of activity. For example, a backend developer (Node.js), a seller-consultant of mobile phones, a programmer of 1C-Bitrix.
  2. Description of the company. Use only objective facts: what it does, in what industry, how many years on the market, what key partners. Emphasize the advantages of the company to interest applicants. For example, an exclusive manufacturer, cooperation with foreign customers, sales volume – 1 million units of goods per year.
  3. Employee’s responsibilities. Specifically and clearly explain point by point what he will do. Life hack: if you find it difficult to formulate tasks, review similar vacancies and choose those descriptions that are suitable for you.
  4. Requirements. Describe the key requirements for the candidate that you consider the most important. For example, experience with technical documentation, availability of specialized education, knowledge of specific programs, level of foreign language proficiency.
  5. Working conditions. First of all, specify the level of salary to attract the attention of candidates. You can mark the start and size limit, or specify only a fixed value. In our form there is an opportunity to choose such a currency: hryvnia, rubles, euros, dollars. Describe other conditions: work schedule, corporate training, career opportunities, gym pay, official employment, vacation, sick leave and other features. The cookies are the same.
  6. The address of the company. If you offer a job in an office, check its location. Applicants will be able to orient themselves whether the company is suitable for them geographically. When making an ad, the employer can enter the address of the office in a special field, after which it will be displayed on the map.
  7. Choose the appropriate specialization. This will help candidates of the relevant direction to see your vacancy in their feed. When placing an ad, you can select only one specialization.
  8. Additional requirements. If necessary, indicate whether the applicant needs to perform a test task, attach examples of work performed or write a cover letter.

How Salary Affects Responses

Of course, the level of salary is the second item after the name of the vacancy, which applicants pay attention to. It would be wrong to deny that. If the salary is not high enough, most likely, candidates will pass by such an announcement. And if it is not specified at all, you are also unlikely to receive responses. Is that your company is a well-known world leader, with whom everyone dreams of cooperating.

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Is it possible to predict responses?

It is clear that it will not be possible to go beyond the established budget, but we can assume how the level of salary will affect the number of responses:

  • The salary is lower than the average market salary. You’ll get minimal or no responses. And in most cases, these will be candidates for beginners or low-skilled specialists who, in desperation, respond to all proposals indiscriminately.
  • The salary is slightly higher than the market average. Here, the choice of candidates will be larger. Good specialists also react to such ads. However, their main motivation is money. At the first opportunity, they will easily change their work to a higher-paying one.
  • The salary is much higher than the average market salary. If you offer a candidate decent salary conditions, you can count on interest from narrow-profile and valuable specialists. The best of the best, so to speak.
  • The salary is higher than the maximum average market level. Of course, these are the most attractive conditions, just a dream. But is there a guarantee that only the most worthy candidates will respond? Not at all. Although excellent offers will be enough. At the same time, you risk getting a flurry of “random passers-by” who simply decided to throw a fishing rod: “What if you are lucky?”

Which option is the best

  • The correct wording: the salary is at the level of the average market or higher. This will help attract real pros or lure good specialists from other companies.
  • Incorrect wording: salary is not specified; only the minimum level, which is below the market average, is indicated; the difference between “from” and “to” is more than 25%. A fork that is too large looks suspicious and untrustworthy.

How to correctly show the level of salary

Specify the level of salary and possible bonuses or bonuses as accurately as possible, so that the candidate does not have to think about it himself. This will motivate applicants to respond to the vacancy. The most important thing is that the information should be interpreted unambiguously, be transparent and understandable. Let’s look at examples:

  • How not to. Salary 20 thousand UAH + bonus. What does the candidate really see? Only 20 thousand Other conditions, not expressed in specific figures, are incomprehensible to him. For specialists, such a salary will seem low, even if in total it will be at a decent level.
  • As it should be. Salary 20 thousand + bonus up to 50% at the end of the month, subject to the fulfillment of the plan. The average salary in this position is 30 thousand UAH. Applicants will be guided by this level.
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5 simple tricks to make your job posting attractive

And now we bring to your attention the secrets of writing an attractive ad. Only 5 points that will help increase the interest of applicants to the vacancy:

  1. Set your priorities correctly. Depending on what kind of specialist you are looking for, focus on different details. For example, for the seller, the schedule and area of work, the level of salary will be important, and for the director of the department – the tasks, the company’s reputation in the market, the prestige of the brand, career opportunities.
  2. Test the candidates. This is especially appropriate if you are looking for a narrow-profile specialist. Then you will immediately be eliminated those applicants who obviously do not suit you. This will save time searching for a job seeker. You can also ask to write a cover letter to select only really interested candidates.
  3. Individual approach. It is important to speak the same language with your target audience. For creative professionals, make a creative ad that will stand out from the gray mass. Tell developers in detail about the project, tasks, programs with which they need to work. It is important for marketers to know not only the level of salary and responsibilities, but also the prospects of the company and the product – entering new markets, developing an experimental line, launching a new brand.
  4. Adjust the information in your ad. Perhaps it will take more than one month until you find a worthy employee. After interviews with different applicants, there will be a clearer idea of which items should be adjusted, what requirements should be changed, what information should be clarified so that the expectations of the employer and the candidate coincide.
  5. Accuracy in description. Someone is limited to general phrases, someone comes up with creative formulations that are not clear and close to everyone. And you be precise and concise. Describe what skills the future employee must have, and which competencies are not mandatory, but desirable and increase the chances of success. Do not forget about the personal qualities that you want to see in the candidate. If some tasks go beyond the standard ones, you should definitely pay attention to this. This will weed out applicants for whom this position is clearly not suitable.

Why job postings don’t work

It happens that the ad hangs for quite a long time, and there are practically no responses to it. Or they unsubscribe absolutely not the candidates you want to see in this position. Clearly something is going wrong. Let’s see which errors in the ad are the most common:

  • “A young, dynamically developing company with unlimited opportunities for professional growth is looking for an energetic, sociable employee. Details by phone, “- will you personally be interested in such an announcement? What kind of company, what does it do, what kind of employee is needed, what duties will he perform, what kind of salary, after all? Are you ready to make a phone call to find out all these conditions? Be prepared for the fact that everyone will respond to this ad. Even those who don’t care where to work.
  • “The work of norms, che. Yow, bro! We have cookies and other nishtyaks,” creative ads work well when you want to attract Generation Y candidates. Young people like non-standard approaches, humor and addressing “you”. Such a free style must necessarily correspond to the spirit of the company as a whole and specifically to this vacancy. It is important not to overdo it with special effects if you are looking for a serious employee for a solid position.
  • “Sales Icebreaker”“SEO Jedi”“Ninja Programmer” – who are all these people? Such names do not carry any semantic load. A simple and clear definition of a vacancy will increase your chances of success. And add specifics. For example, not just a “sales consultant”, but a “sales assistant of shoes”, so that applicants immediately see whether this position is suitable for them or not.
  • “High stress resistance, willingness to multitask, the ability to work for the result” – do not describe the requirements for the candidate with general phrases that do not carry any semantic load. Write in such a way that a person does not have the impression that work implies constant stress, the number of tasks changes with cosmic speed, and what result will need to be given is not at all clear. A little hint: Look for candidates who have the key skills and abilities needed for this position. And everything else they can be taught in the course of work. This will help to significantly reduce the time of closing the vacancy.
  • The entire job description has been rewritten into the list of duties. Of course, the applicant should understand what he will do, but too long a description of the functionality can scare him away. To assess their capabilities for this position, it is enough for the candidate to read 3-5 basic formulations. At the same time, prescribe responsibilities as clearly as possible so that applicants have as few questions as possible.
  • The “fork” of wages exceeds 25%. Often there are such formulations: “Salary from 10 to 60 thousand UAH. It all depends on your desire to earn.” According to statistics, if the difference between the specified values “from” and “to” is more than 15%, the response of candidates decreases by 6 times.
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And 3 more points, what NOT to do:

  1. Inflate the requirements for the candidate.
  2. Understate salaries.
  3. Complicate the pool of responsibilities.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the design of vacancy announcements. If you follow our recommendations, you will definitely find the perfect employee. We wish you successful work on the service!


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