I want to be an SMM player! What qualities are needed?

You wake up one morning and it dawned on you – I’m going to go to the e-mails! Well, what is there, you sit all day on Instagram, you give out likes, you scroll through the Facebook feed, or (here it’s neat) you stick to TikTok. Easy, well!

But we all know that everything is not as simple as it seems. SMM specialist – he is the same specialist as an engineer, pilot, cook or banker. But what qualities this e-mail should possess – we will understand below.


An SMM is usually a person who promotes someone’s product, not their own. And this means that the last word belongs to the business owner / customer side. That is why the first and most necessary quality of an SMM specialist is not some kind of diligence, responsibility, attention to detail or literacy, but namely stress resistance.

Your promotion strategy and content ideas need to be sold to the client. And this process is far from the calmest. It involves nerves, edits, explanations and evidence. So calmness needs to be stocked up in advance.

Working in social networks involves working with people – so far logical. And people are different. A bad mood, a subjective or objective opinion, which must be shared with the whole world in the comments, just haters – this all falls on your fragile shoulders. People are cruel and sometimes their words can be quite offensive. It is necessary to be able to calmly respond to criticism, even unreasonable, and not to waste nerves.

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SMM-workers, like any other representatives of creative professions, it is very important to watch everything. Films, videos on Youtube, advertising in telika and not only, exhibitions, festivals, books – literally everything. It builds a sense of mind.

Not to be confused with plagiarism. No one says that you should look at others and do the same in yourself. It’s about “saturating” content from all possible sources, about inspiration, and as a result – creating your own product / strategy / post.

Just don’t run to re-read “Top 10 Books for Marketers” or rewatch “Best Movies about Creative Professions.” Your personal visibility is formed due to the fact that unique information is combined in your head. Watching and listening to the same things as others is equal to forming the same opinion. This does not mean that you do not need to watch some popular, hype things. You just need to soak up something else. Something that’s interesting to you.


Only creativity is not what HR and recruiters with imply. With the real definition of the concept of “creativity”, their term has nothing to do with.

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Creativity is not about coming up with something that shocks everyone and surprises you to be remembered accurately. This is about coming up with a non-standard solution for a problem, so that as a result this task is solved.

For example, in late summer and early autumn, everyone vigorously discussed the advertising of a Ukrainian pizzeria. The brand posted a video on social networks, in which it exactly repeated the scenario of a pornographic video, which has long become a meme. The genitals were not shown there, but offered a blonde girl on a white sofa to try the pizza of each of the dark-skinned men behind her back. The video caused a resonance, everyone rushed to discuss the bottom or a masterpiece, the pizzeria was on everyone’s lips. But 2 months have passed and everyone has forgotten both the institution and this video. Many even at the peak of discussions did not know what the pizzeria is called, what can we say about this brand now.

This advertising activity is not about creativity, it is about hype. The authors of the video had a task – to draw attention to the pizzeria. They even complied with it. But! Can the result be considered positive if the institution where food is served is associated with, and not with delicious and high-quality food? Are these couple of days worth the hype of the brand’s reputation?

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Creating thoughtful strategies and beautiful content plans is a good thing. But you also need to analyze the results.

Most E-sam workers are people of a humanitarian mindset, but analytical skills must be had, even if they are basic. Launch an advertising campaign – check its results. Build hypotheses and test them. Well done animation, but static not so much? Prepare your next campaign exclusively animated.

The client wants: “my daughter shoots this in TikTok and comes very much” – do it. Just run your campaign in parallel and analyze the results after that.

Analytics helps to modify the promotion strategy and adapt to the circumstances. And why run anything at all if you are not interested in the final result?


To list the main qualities of an e-mail officer, the fingers of one hand are enough. Stress resistance, visibility, creativity and analytics. The main thing to understand is that the info-giants who tell you how to conquer SMM in 3 days are people who earn money. Therefore, do not believe their courses, which promise to pump up your “Top 10 qualities of a real SMSman”.

Over time and with experience, your list may differ from mine and that’s okay. The qualities of a person to perform a task are generally an individual thing. The main thing is to work for the result, constantly learn and test something new.


Written by Shubham

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