In search of an idea??? 20 services for inspiration of the designer

Each specialist, taking on a new project, not yet starting to implement it into reality, is already scrolling through the options for solving the problem in his head. In some projects, the designer from the first essay falls on target. Others need more time. For others, there is not enough inspiration, the same push to start the process itself. What should you do if there is silence in your head?

You go into the browser, press a few keys, and wait… What are you waiting for? Inspiration? Ideas? And they are lost in the midst of a huge amount of unnecessary information. Eyes run away, thoughts are confused, and time goes by. Are you sure that you are still looking for a solution for your project, or are you already admiring the successful design of the box, an interesting presentation of infographics, a logo, a character?..

Before searching for an idea on the Internet, it is worth, albeit remotely, to outline the boundaries of implementation: to determine the style, color scheme, etc.

At a certain stage of our professional experience, a list of favorite resources that accelerate work appears.

There are paid. Where without them… Shutterstock was the most convenient for me. A convenient line of parameters, a huge selection of files, the best price. Most often I use it when you need photos to emphasize textual information or make an emphasis for a marketing whale that is prepared for printing and focused on a narrow specialization.

But there are also many free ones that are noteworthy.

One of these is flaticon , a resource of ready-made packages with icons. So-called collections, which are distributed by themes and style. The site is quite convenient to use. The advantage or just a bonus is that after downloading the package, you get files in three formats: .png, .eps, .psd. This makes it easy to work when you work in different graphics programs. More than one designer has drawn up benefits for the client using the above-mentioned site.

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Alternatively, you can use icomoon, a library of pixel icons for idealists. Or iconstore, where there is an opportunity not only to download great icons for free, but also to share your works, downloading them to the platform. Or dryiconsstreamlineicons or iconarchive. They feature more than half a million free icons. Most of them have filters – look for the desired icons by category, size and style (for example, streamline icons are created on the basis of only lines). The free use condition is a backlink.

The second, no less valuable source, is freepik , a site with free design content: photos, vector and .psd files with different themes and regular updates. Please note that up to 10 files per day can be downloaded free of charge. No license is required for use. One condition is that the author must be indicated. Agree, this is great for designers, but do not abuse.

This site for you should be only a library of elements, not ready-made templates.

There are quite a lot of service options with such material.

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Rate 1001freedownloads, where you will find thousands of free vector images, wallpapers, brushes, gradients, fonts. The download limit per day is up to 50 files. Take a look at freedesignresources, where artists and designers around the world collect the best content: templates, mocaps, fonts, etc.

Good .psd repositories are designlazyDownload MockupFreePSDFilespsdfreebies. The presented services have the possibility of free downloads, high-quality mockups and successful solutions. When using images for commercial purposes, do not forget to specify a link.

An interesting recent discovery was pngtree. The most surprising was the quality of the images and the layering .psd files. It is rare to find such decent files in free access and with easy download!

There are a lot of resources with images. For example, unsplash and pexels are free stock photos in good quality. Here it is difficult to find a thematic series of photos, as on paid drains, but there are successful and unique single frames that can save or “pull out” the entire design.

And in the search for successful color solutions will help design-seeds and uigradients. The first resource is a daily portion of inspiration. The second is a collection of successful color gradients.

It’s great when it’s enough to solve your problem.

But when a busy schedule, a long time without a vacation, and also numerous surprises – you drive yourself to a standstill. And to get out of it, you have to take a break.

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Change your surroundings – you go to rest. Positive emotions help you get rid of psychological stress, relax and just feel the rhythm of life. With new impressions and ideas, you go back to work. What if there is no possibility and the deadline is on fire?

In this case, I go to Pinterest. Although this site is considered a social network, I consider it as a platform for visual inspiration. If you look more closely, you will see an incredible stream of styles, ideas, solutions from around the world. A kind of world art gallery, which can be visited at least at twelve o’clock in the morning. That’s great, isn’t it? I am sure that for creative people, it does not matter whether a certain image will get bogged down, but the resulting positive energy and satisfaction from what you saw will bring much more fruit in further work.

We draw a conclusion. Each of us chooses where and how to look for ideas for work and inspiration for self-realization. Only the result that will bring pleasure to us and our customers remains unchanged.

However, remember, as one author wrote, a copy is always worse than the original. Don’t be ashamed to create your own!


Written by Shubham

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