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Freelancing attracts both employers and professionals, and there are many reasons for this. The lifestyle of freelancers is very different from what most people are used to as an employee. The specifics of work and good earnings allow remote specialists to manage their time, support families, choose projects, and regular customers.

For companies, freelancers are indispensable workers who provide for themselves working conditions, do not require a monthly salary, do not go on vacation, are on sick leave, and do not sit out hours in the office, depicting the vigorous activity. As a result, employers do not spend extra money on the maintenance of remote workers but pay only for their services.

Pitfalls in the world of freelancing

Of course, this is the perfect picture. In fact, the interaction of the customer and the freelancer is not without various nuances. Especially if at least one of them is a beginner. How many questions arise, to which you have to look for the answer yourself! There are financial losses and disappointments from failed cooperation… Sometimes, there is simply no one to talk to and consult – how to do the right thing to avoid unpleasant situations, deception, dishonesty.

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In addition, freelancers often lack live communication and exchange of experience. At the same time, often each of their personal stories is unique and can inspire others not to be afraid of this sphere and successfully pave the way to achieving their goals.

Solution 1. Get fresh and useful information

To solve these issues, the service launches a blog, where everyone will find a lot of interesting things for themselves.

We plan to cover in publications such issues:

  • trends in the world of freelancing – the most popular specialties, development prospects, fresh statistics;
  • interviews and cases of successful freelancers, exciting stories about transformation, overcoming obstacles, turning failures into victories;
  • useful materials, books, reviews of services for work;
  • legalization of income: how to conduct transactions legally with closing documents;
  • new events, improvements, plans, promotions and events of our service;
  • description and specifics of freelance professions;
  • tips for novice freelancers, employers and much more.
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Solution 2. Tell us what you do best and find the perfect customer

We immediately discover the secret of how best to sell your services – share your expert knowledge. Many experienced professionals: copywriters, designers, developers, etc. create their blogs for these purposes. The information they share draws attention to them, arouses the interest and trust of customers.

Of course, it is difficult to maintain your own blog – you need self-discipline, you need to devote a lot of time to writing articles, and without technical knowledge you will also have to resort to the help of specialists (that is, investments will be required).

Therefore, we offer our platform for posting your articles, in which you can share experience, tips, success stories, along the way attracting new customers. This is another of the interesting offers for users of our service.

What you can write about:

  • share the best practices that you have come to in the process of experience;
  • how you overcome fears, doubts, obstacles;
  • how you plan your working day, what inspires you;
  • share how you started and who you have become now, what led you to this;
  • interesting cases from experience or curious situations;
  • you travel, visit unusual places – surely your experience will become an inspiration for other participants, and customers will see in you an interesting and creative person who can benefit their business.
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Suggestions for publications:

  • first of all, they must be yours – unique (you can not use someone else’s experience from the network and rewrite it in your own words);
  • articles should be interesting and competent;
  • they should be decorated – supplemented with high-quality illustrations, screenshots and photos, and maybe a video.

Solution 3. Participate in the life of the blog and communicate!

Be proactive, ask questions. Suggest topics that will be interesting for others to read. Your opinion is important to us, because together we can make the blog as useful as possible for everyone. In addition, your activity will not be able not to notice others.


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