Marketing Skills That Should Be on a Resume

A marketer is often a specialist of a wide profile in the modern labor market. To remain in demand in your profession, you need to constantly improve your skills and expand competencies in this area. As a rule, in the arsenal of a marketer, there is a universal set of skills that allows him to be in trend. Consider what skills should be spelled out in the resume of the marketing manager, so that the employer immediately pays attention to him.

Professional skills of a good marketer

For most employers, it does not matter whether the marketer has a specialized education. The knowledge gained must still be able to use. It is much more important whether he has successful experience in solving problems similar to those existing in the company, and practical experience in a similar business area. And another point that can be a decisive factor in hiring is the tendency to constant self-study in the profession. Now, when the development of technology is happening at an incredible speed, obtaining new skills and abilities is becoming the norm for a good specialist.

Let’s see what professional skills a marketer needs:

  • The ability to analyze information and work with analytics tools (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica is the basis of the basics).
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Conducting marketing research of the market, possession of methods for assessing competitors.
  • Study of consumer demand, drawing up a portrait of the consumer.
  • Expertise in working with various communication channels: blog, e-mail, social networks, etc.
  • Knowledge of the basics of SEO-optimization.
  • Build a sales funnel.
  • Knowledge of targeting settings.
  • Ability to work with large amounts of information.
  • Calculation of the effectiveness of investments and management of the advertising budget.
  • Creation of creative advertising materials (at the level of problem statement).
  • Knowledge of modern promotion methods (depends on the specialization and specific marketing channel).
  • Knowledge and development of marketing strategies.
  • Use of relevant sales techniques and methods.
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS at a basic level for composing emails, working with various editors, and sometimes for controlling and setting small tasks for developers, layout designers.
  • Work in graphic editors (at least Photoshop, Lightroom, Figma).
  • Knowledge of foreign languages (at least English at a basic level).
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A marketer can both know all these tools and lead the marketing department, and be a narrow specialist in one niche (for example, email marketer, SMM, content marketer).

Goals that a marketer should eventually be able to achieve:

  • Development and market launch of a new product.
  • Development of the company’s brand.
  • Increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty.
  • Increase in sales.

The presence of relevant cases in the portfolio is very conducive to obtaining a job in a prestigious company.

7 key soft skills of a marketer

In the resume of a marketing specialist, soft skills that complement professional skills play an important role. For successful work, such an employee, perhaps, the most important thing is to be able to communicate with people, negotiate, quickly adapt to new working conditions. The ability to find non-standard approaches to solving problems and constantly use creativity is also appreciated.

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What soft skills a marketer wants to see in the resume in the first place:

  • Analytical mindset. A marketer should be able to collect and analyze statistical information, methods of promotion effectiveness, conduct marketing research, process and interpret the data obtained.
  • Communication skills. For a marketer, having this skill is a necessity. You will have to communicate with customers, find an approach to them, be able to persuade, defend your point of view, your idea, solve conflict situations, guided by common sense, not emotions.
  • Creativity. Helps in building a strategy for promoting the product, filling the advertising campaign with content, implementing creative ideas. By the way, this software skill has been in the top of soft skills from LinkedIn for several years in a row.
  • Adaptability. One of the defining qualities of a marketer is the constant updating of knowledge, the ability to adapt to changing conditions in the marketing environment, the continuous study of new methods, resources, technologies, tools.
  • Multitasking. The ability to cope with different tasks at the same time, switch focus from one direction to another, prioritize, manage time and manage everything will definitely not be superfluous for the marketer.
  • Ability to delegate. Marketers often work in conjunction with other specialists. This skill is useful when you need to organize work on a project, distribute tasks, coordinate a team, write an understandable TK, monitor the implementation of the project, make adjustments.
  • Stress resistance. Everything to have time, control, combine – a common thing for a marketer. And there are also moments when something does not go according to plan, the advertising campaign fails, the budget merges. In such a rhythm, the main thing is to avoid burnout.
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A marketer is a person who is equally characterized by analytical and creative thinking. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of both these areas. When compiling a resume, emphasize your strengths as much as possible and support them with examples from cases. Adding any new tool or skill adds weight to your resume in the eyes of employers.


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