Recommendations to the customer: how to effectively implement your task

Each of us was engaged in shopping. Depending on how much you or the person you are accompanying enjoys this activity, this process can take from an hour until the end of patience or money. But in any case, many buyers want to see the product, apply it, compare it with other similar products. Isn’t it?

On Freelancehunt every day, customers place more than 600 new tasks for performers. It’s not hard to draw an analogy with shopping. And depending on where you take the position of an observer, the seller can be both the customer who sells his order and the contractor who realizes his knowledge and skills.

So you’re a freelance customer. You have a task that you, of course, want to implement in the most effective way. What you can do:

  • Publish the project. The customer buys the services of the contractor, who will subsequently begin work on his task.
  • Organize a contest. The customer buys ready-made work, performed on his assignment.


On the Freelancehunt service, a project is a form of work when the customer publishes a task, and all interested freelancers respond to it and offer their candidacy as an executor. As a result, an executor is selected for the implementation of the project, who will work on the task. In the language of shopping, this means that the customer in search of the contractor conducts a tender and already from the received applications chooses the author of the work.

Pros of this form of work:

  • You can choose not to specify a project budget. In this case, the responses of freelancers (bets) will indicate the amount for which they are ready to perform the task.
  • The number of bets can be quite large. This criterion can also be difficult to work with this tool, since it is necessary to analyze a lot of information.
  • This form of work is often the least expensive for the customer, since he has the opportunity to choose a contractor whose cost of work is low. How to make sure that quality does not suffer is already a kind of “art”, not always subject to inexperienced customers.
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Points to consider:

  • It is necessary to devote quite a lot of time to choosing a single performer, analyzing a large amount of information on each participant: the number of positive and negative reviews, their ratio, portfolio, rating, number of arbitrages and their ratio to the total number of projects, professional level in the category you need, and so on.
  • When working, even with top-level specialists of the service, it is possible that none of the proposed options for implementing your task will suit you. Usually, the number of options offered is stipulated, and the average value is 3.
  • All options for the implementation of the project are offered by the same freelancer, who is characterized by his own manner of execution, his own style, his own mindset. In this case, it will be very difficult to get something unusual, not characteristic of the author’s style. But often the customer himself does not fully understand what the final version should look like, especially in such categories as design.


For many customer assignments, the Freelancehunt contest service is a great alternative to the project. In the competition, the customer places his task and expects ready-made options from the performers to choose the best. You can talk all about the same tender, but unlike the project, in the competition not the future performer is chosen from a variety of applicants, but the finished work – from a number of competitive options. This difference is key since the buyer sees what he acquires and can even finalize the final version with the author within the framework of the same competition.

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Pros of this form of work:

  • Selection of the finished work from a variety of competitive options. The number of these options may vary depending on the category of the competition task. For example, for naming, the figure of 400-500 options is usual, for logos the number of options can fluctuate between 60-100. In a competition, you don’t have to worry about whether the artist you’ve chosen has picked up on your idea or offered a suitable option if you don’t have an understanding of what you want to get at the end of the work.
  • Tenders all pass through the Safe, that is, the customer reserves the amount of the budget on the service before the start of the competition. This condition is a guarantee of the safety of all parties and is an important point that attracts an additional number of participants.
  • The competition almost always has a higher budget than the project. It attracts a large number of participants and professionals in its categories. Another reason for decent budgets is that only the winner of the competition receives remuneration, while many worked. In other words, this is an opportunity for freelancers to hit a big jackpot. The attention of the performers to the competitions is also attracted by the increased (in comparison with the project) rating for winning it.
  • In the competitions, there are clearly defined briefs for each of the categories, which allows all its participants to perceive the task equally and minimize additional questions and cases of misunderstanding.
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Points to consider:

  • Not all categories of tasks are suitable for implementation through competitions. The main directions are: design, identity, advertising, graphics and naming. This limitation is due to the fact that the task must contain a spirit of competition (sports rivalry between freelancers for the best performance of the task). That is why tasks, for example, related to the need for programming, promotion and similar to them, are not suitable for competitions. Tasks that require significant time to perform, such as interior design, exterior design, do not always pass moderation precisely because of the cost of resources or are upgraded into smaller ones to find the right performer.
  • The budget of the competition is almost always higher than that of a regular project.

We are confident that our recommendations and advice will help customers to implement their tasks in the most effective way. In 2021, 425 contests were held on our service, and we are happy and proud to show the works of our performers who attracted the greatest attention of Freelancehunt users: “The coolest contest works of 2021 according to users!”.


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