Relocation to another country – pros and cons for a freelancer

Is it worth moving abroad? Many will agree: if freelancing brings a good stable income, relocation allows you to improve the quality of life. In any case, if the country for moving is chosen correctly. True, much depends not only on the desire and earnings of a freelancer but also on the availability of grounds for changing the legal status. That is, the opportunity to obtain a long-term visa or residence permit.

If we are talking about the USA, Canada, and the UK, then without a work visa (which you are unlikely to be able to get without a local company), the chances of moving are reduced to almost zero. With the Schengen countries, the situation is slightly better, because you can use the loophole with obtaining a long-term visa to one of the Eastern European states.

But if you really set out to live in California or London, then if you have a high qualification in the field of IT, you can look for a job in a branch of one of the Western companies in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv or Odesa. Even if your employer does not have plans to transport their Ukrainian employees to the head office, this will still provide an opportunity to get the necessary lines in the resume and profile on Linkedin. Subsequently, this will increase your chances of finding a job abroad.

Freelancers who are not burdened with an official employment relationship, but are eager to move to another country, will most likely have to consider one of the states of Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe for relocation.

The main rule of relocation is that the choice of country depends on income

Let’s take a look at what a freelancer earning from $ 1,000 per month can count on.


So, if you have a stable monthly income from 1000 to 1500 dollars, then Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, India and some other tropical countries of Asia will suit you for relocation. The advantage here will be the absence of problems with a visa or residence permit. In extreme cases, every two to three months you will have to go to a neighboring country for a new entry visa. A lot of people even like it.

In developing countries of Asia, cheap rental of real estate and acceptable living expenses. Along with the constantly warm winter and the ocean nearby (if you choose the right city), this is an obvious plus.

The disadvantages of moving to Asian countries include problems with security, medical care, as well as cultural differences with local residents.

Before moving to permanent residence, a freelancer is recommended to first go for the winter – it is better to go to Thailand, as the safest country with a relatively developed infrastructure.

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Another region that can suit a freelancer with a middle income is the Baltic country. Most often, our IT specialists choose local capitals for moving: Riga, Tallinn or Vilnius.

The quality of life in these cities is better than in Kiev, but not by much. Relatively inexpensive rental of real estate is compensated by higher prices for food and transport than in Ukraine. But as a bonus, you get the fact that a considerable number of Russian-speaking people live in Riga and Tallinn. This means that there will be no problems with adaptation.

Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary

It makes sense to move to these countries only when your total monthly income starts from $ 1500. As in the Baltic States, legal support of the relocation is solved by issuing a work visa. It can be obtained through an intermediary company in Ukraine.

The Russian-speaking population in these countries is much smaller than in the Baltic States, although Ukrainians, of which there are more and more in Prague and Warsaw every year, are little embarrassed. Prices for real estate and accommodation here are higher than in Latvia and Lithuania, but the quality of life is better, the infrastructure is more developed.

Western Europe

Finally, if your total income exceeds $2,000, you can try to settle in Western Europe. If you do not take into account megacities, with such money you can live relatively comfortably somewhere in Spain. Maybe not on the first line in Alicante, but not in a completely downtrodden province.

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The advantage here is a temperate climate with snowless winters, safety, a high level of social protection. But if you are no longer young, then do not expect that you will be able to make friends among the locals.

Should a freelancer move abroad?

If your earnings + passive income from any affiliate program or Adsense does not exceed $ 2,000 per month, it will be much more profitable for you to live in Ukraine, despite all our background.

Yes, yes, you will have to stand in queues at the district clinic, tolerate autohams on the roads and complain about the endless corruption of officials. But don’t forget the pros! Kyiv has the cheapest real estate among European capitals and very low prices for basic goods and services.

Freelancing, as we used to think of it, is an extremely unstable job. And if someone has already forgotten the last global economic crisis of 2008-2009, then it is worth remembering that orders can disappear as suddenly as jobs for office plankton. It is better to be prepared for such troubles where you can be supported, and not in a foreign country where there are neither relatives nor friends.

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