The most expensive logos in the world. How much does it cost?

The development of the logo is approached in different ways. Someone is serious, someone, on the contrary, is not serious, believing that it is not worth either the effort or the money spent. I will tell you a secret: the designers themselves consider the role of the logo in the success of the company too overestimated, saying that it is difficult for a simple layman to remember what the logo of even the most famous brands looks like. Like, the success of the company depends on the company itself, and certainly not on the logo.

At the same time, shocking budgets are spent on the development of logos, which can be calculated – you will not believe it – (freelance hunt freelancers’ dream) in hundreds, millions, and even billions of dollars. True, this price may include the development of a corporate identity, the cost of a complete rebranding with the cost of purchasing stationery, transportation, and other costs, and even the acquisition of an entire company, as in the case of Symantec’s billion-dollar budget.

So, the top list of the most expensive logos in history according to the site

Logo of the city of Belfast (Northern Ireland)

The price is 280 thousand dollars. ” The cursed city of Belfast, known in the past to the whole world not only for the Titanic launched here, but also for the bloody armed confrontations of local residents, some of whom were English Protestants, and some were Irish Catholics, needed an urgent correction of its reputation.

For this purpose, the city authorities decided to use a new and modern logo to, again, attract tourists to the city, which, by the way, is still blocked by walls, in some places even ten meters. The new logo was made in the shape of a heart with the inscription “Belfast”. With the new logo, a huge number of promotional materials of different colors (light green, blue, fuchsia, burgundy, etc.) were released.

The city also invested in micro-promotions with stickers and free multi-colored balloons on the streets — on the day the new design launched. Some sources report that as a result of this campaign, Belfast has received a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting the city, and much of the credit for this process belongs to the successful logo design and advertising.

Moral and advice to customers: this case demonstrates that the logo is still very important for the product, its promotion and perception, and that making a decision to rebrand is no less important than properly conducting it.

Logo of the city of Melbourne (Australia)

The price is 630 thousand dollars, 2009. As a booming business and tourist hub, Melbourne needed a new emblem. The city of Melbourne decided to rebrand the old logo of the city and invited for this purpose no less than the consulting firm Landor from San Francisco – a pioneer in the field of branding and customer-oriented approach. Designers proposed a modern minimalistic polygonal logo in blue-green tones. According to some experts, the rebranding helped to attract tourists from all over the world to Australia.

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Moral and customer advice: This particular case demonstrates how important visual identity is, regardless of the industry and niche of the product, and even if the whole city is considered as a product.

Rebranding of the Pepsi logo

Price – $ 1 million, 2009 (designed by Arnell Group). The Pepsi logo, with its iconic color combination and bright lines, has been around since 1940 and is considered one of the most recognizable logos in the world. In 2009, the logo underwent a minimalist rebranding, and its main elements took the form of a smile – an attempt to form the image of a friendly and accessible brand that appeals to consumers around the world.

According to some estimates, consumers simply did not notice the rebranding, which cannot be said about the designers who unleashed a flurry of criticism on this creation, it was even compared to the logo of barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. It should be noted that in this case, $ 1 million. was paid only for design work that lasted five months, without taking into account the cost of replacing the logo on trucks, vending machines, retail outlets, etc., which according to rough estimates could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Moral and advice to customers: A successful rebranding is when the consumer simply does not notice the difference between before and after. And, as can be seen from this example, the following relationship is outlined: the less noticeable the changes in design to the naked eye of the consumer, the higher the amount of the fee.

BBC logo

The price is 1 million 800 thousand dollars, 1997. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has not made any significant changes to its logo since the late 50s, but since then the logo has been updated many times, the last redesign was in 1997, but was carried out so successfully that the logo still looks very modern. The new logo features classic simplicity of contrast and light typography.

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Moral and advice to customers: Minimalism rules! And the classics are immortal. Making a choice in favor of minimalism, you can “extend the life” of your logo as much as possible and save on rebranding later. Minimalism is the most win-win card in the design world.

I Love NY Campaign

The price is 16 million dollars, 2007. The iconic I Love NY logo was designed by famed designer Milton Glazer in 1977, when New York City had a reputation as a dangerous city with massive looting, blackouts, and was completely unattractive to tourists. The city was even almost declared bankrupt, after which the city authorities took up the creation of a positive image for New York.

The slogan I Love NY was invented, and a logo was needed. We turned to Milton Glazer, who drew the logo on the back of the envelope in his pocket, literally in ten minutes and… completely free. It was already in 2007 that Saatchi & Saatchi won a contract to participate in the I Love NY campaign with a budget of $ 16 million. By this point, New York was already a global city, attracting tens of millions of tourists every year.

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As part of the campaign, the I Love NY logo received a new life, variations of the logo were used in print and digital materials dedicated to certain events in New York. The rights to glazer’s logo belong to the New York State Department of Economic Development, which licenses its use, and the merchandise emblazoned with the Glazer logo brings in more than $30 million a year, much of which the department receives.

Image author: esd.ny.go

Moral and advice to customers: even if your business is not going as well as you want, and you are on the verge of bankruptcy, do not despair, a successful choice of a designer and a specialist in slogans may well correct the situation. Order a competent rebranding!


The price – $ 35 million – is a rebranding of the famous juice manufacturer – the company Tropicana, the packaging of which has always been recognizable in the aisles of supermarkets. It would seem that what did not suit the top managers with a juicy image of an orange, which was pierced with a straw for drinks? But deciding that “we are not looking for easy ways” in 2008-2009, the company spent $ 35 million on a new design and a campaign to accompany it. The only problem was that the consumers are new design… Hated.

On the new packaging, the image of an orange was replaced with a glass of juice. The logo was also updated, which for some reason was turned vertically, making it almost invisible on the packaging. The redesign was so radical that shoppers couldn’t recognize the brand on store shelves. As a result, the brand lost 20 percent of sales in the first two months after the rebranding, which forced the company to return the product to its original packaging.

Moral and advice to customers: when rebranding, try to preserve the continuity of the logo as much as possible, professional designers will help you with this. You can also ask for examples of rebranding from the portfolio of the designer you are going to work with to see what result you can expect in the future.

Rebranding of Posten Norge

Price – $ 55 million – the rebranding of Posten Norge (founded in 1647 by the state post of Norway, which is a monopolist in its field), 2008. The rebranding became necessary because the old post office logo had an outdated design. As a result, the red and gold royal retro logo design was changed to a more modern silver-red.

Another reason for the rebranding was the acquisition by Posten Norge of other companies in the industry and the need to redesign 10,000 cars, 1398 post offices, uniforms for 20,000 employees. We hope that Norwegian taxpayers liked the rebranding.

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Moral and advice to customers: if the logo of your company was created at the dawn of your activity, for example, in the distant 90s, or later, then, most likely, it needs a redesign. The redesign should be approached very carefully and carefully, it is desirable to maintain the continuity of the logo and the original colors that the consumer is accustomed to associate with your company.

The Cardiff City Bluebirds Football Club

The $100 million rebranding of The Cardiff City Bluebirds, 2012. One of the most unsuccessful examples of rebranding in history, when the blue swallow – the emblem of the club – despite the active protests and discontent of the fans, was replaced by a red dragon, and the traditional blue colors of the club with red, which entailed the repainting of the stadium, the change of uniform and everything else.

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As a result, the team dropped to 15th place in the standings, after which a “reverse” rebranding was urgently carried out. So this case can confidently be considered an illustration of the proverb: “The best is the enemy of the good.”

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Moral and advice to customers: when designing a logo, try to take into account the interests, requests and expectations of the target audience, without this – nowhere.

British Petroleum logo

The price of $210 million is the British Petroleum logo and the full rebranding fee, 2000. Under the influence of “green” ideas, popularization in the world of an environmentally friendly economy, the company set itself the goal of developing an “eco-friendly” logo, as if not paying attention to the nature of its activities.

The logo took the form of a stylized sunflower, although made in the original colors of the brand. Despite criticism and accusations of an “insincere” approach (where is gasoline and where is the environment!), the rebranding was recognized as successful from a marketing point of view. It should be noted that, in fact, only $ 7 million was spent on the design of the logo from the total amount.

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Moral and advice to customers: the marketing component is very important when designing a logo. It should be “selling”. Try to take this into account when choosing an idea for your logo.

Symantec Logo

Price – 1 billion 280 million dollars – the logo of Symantec (a giant company in the field of cybersecurity), 2010. After the company acquired its competitor VeriSign, it also received the right to use its visual identity, namely the famous design of the tick (letter V), which is considered a symbol of cybersecurity.

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Moral and advice to customers: for a good, “selling” logo – no money is spared, not even a billion dollars. Keep this in mind when you’re budgeting for a project.

In conclusion

These examples show that no matter what anyone says, the logo is still important. Yes, this little inscription, which simply displays your name, can affect your sales, the perception of you by the consumer and, in general, the success of the enterprise. Therefore, do not entrust the fate of the “work of your life” to a logo designer or a freelancer-beginner “for a review”.

Please take this issue seriously. Allocate a budget (even if not a million, but not 500-hryvnia), choose a designer by portfolio, review. Stipulate all the working moments, as they say, “on the shore”. An experienced designer himself will help you draw up a technical task, fill out a brief. Work through the “safe” (safe transaction on the site), this will give guarantees to both you and the executor of the project, and you will also receive support from the administration of the service in case of any questions or disputable situations.


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