The story of how a big company worked with a little freelancer

Many companies do not even think about how much the work of freelancers can mean to them. In this story, what employees could not do in a long time, freelancers did in a matter of hours. The hot summer was replaced by a cool autumn, and for a string of problems there was one simple solution.

Hello to all readers. All of the events described below occurred in reality, but the names have been changed at the request of the participants. We thank for the opportunity to share your experience on the pages of this blog.

We are a relatively large company, we have been working in the retail offline and online trade market for more than 7 years. We have a network of stores in Ukraine, several sites, a main office with several dozen employees and many current tasks. As the trend of recent years is stubbornly moving towards online sales, we need to constantly expand the IT department.

First, we associated the expansion with the renovation of the office – we made repairs, bought new tables, which made it possible to place more employees in one office. It should be noted that the recruitment to the department was very sluggish, since the interview was attended by people who did not suit us, or those who did not want to end up working in the office for various reasons.

Thus, we constantly had new tasks, and new comfortable jobs were covered with dust.

First problems

On one of the beautiful sunny days, another stack of tasks appeared on the horizon, which exceeded the critical mass. The unscheduled meeting was attended by the heads of several departments, who, in addition to expressing wishes and approvals, expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the IT department. They say that there are no new products on the site, the telephony of the sales department is constantly floundering, etc., you need to solve something.

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The head of the IT department, Alexander, raised and lowered his eyes, and when he got the opportunity to answer, he tried to explain that, they say, there are not enough employees, there are only five of us: “We are not wizards.” In turn, HR Natalia retorted this conclusion, arguing: “I brought you so many people, but for some reason no one stays with you!”.

At the end of a heated debate, after a short discussion with Olga, the chief accountant, in the office of the director of the company, it was decided to find contractors and transfer to them part of the tasks of the IT department.

First experience and second problems

Three IT companies were found in our city, which agreed to cooperate. They couldn’t complete all the necessary tasks, but it was better than nothing. Another small string of already yellow autumn leaves, a pile of papers and calls from managers of companies with whom we began to cooperate swirled.

This affected the processes and employees of the whole company. Top management of our partners came to retail outlets and distracted sellers with questions about the goods. Alexander could not reach the programmers of one of the partners to explain the API of our telephony on his fingers, and the project managers confused the cards to both accounting departments.

This time the cup was overflowing with a visit from Olga, the chief accountant, to the director’s office with a request to explain who should sign the act to whom… The walls of the partitions in the office were shaking, the alarm of someone’s car went off on the street from screaming, and Alexander was on the carpet for two minutes.


I must say that Alexander is actually a strong specialist in the field of IT and can solve many different problems. Actually, all our sites started working with him, it was he who organized IP-telephony in our office, performed the work of a system administrator, but he simply could not cope with the onslaught of managers and break through the complex business processes of different companies.

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The director understood this, but there was no solution to the problem. After a long conversation in silence, heart-to-heart, it was found out that many tasks were solved incorrectly by the partners’ specialists, they are now being redone, and when they will be redone is unknown. At the same time, the summer tasks hung around, no one fulfilled them.

There was no solution. Alexander was released in peace, Olga from the accounting department put the accounts aside, and in response to another call from the managers of the partners, simply no one picked up the phone.

Somewhere out there… in the mountains of foggy Albion…

Sitting late at night in a working chair, Alexander drew in Photoshop another banner for advertising in social networks. He received additional payment for these layouts, but, as he honestly admitted, he did not want this money. And then the phone rang – an old friend, a designer, to find out how things are: “Can we drink beer?”.

Alexander was not up to beer, as he had to draw for a long time. And his voice was quite sad, unlike the energetic voice of a familiar designer. Somewhere in the fog, far away in the tube, an energetic voice continued to say, “Are you still working there? I work freelance, now I rest. Do you need to do a banner? How much do you pay? Quit it, come. You have a beer — tomorrow until 10 a.m. you have a banner! I’ll do it to you!”

The author of the story was not present at the conversation, written from the words of Alexander, but he says that it “dawned on him” at that moment.

Option of cooperation

The next morning, Alexander in the director’s office passionately explained the benefits of working with a freelancer: “It’s much cheaper, direct communication, professionals, are constantly free, we can quickly solve all the problems that we have accumulated during this time. All you need is ‘good’.” And the “go-ahead” was given.

We monitored freelance services, after which the choice was stopped at for several reasons. Alexander himself registered the profile, published two trial projects and… lo and behold! After 2 days, on another sunny autumn day, we closed two summer tasks.

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How our company works with freelancers

After the first two successfully completed projects, the mood rose first for Alexander, then for the director, then for the chief accountant. It was much easier for freelancers to issue tasks, accept and monitor their implementation. At the, we found remote specialists to perform tasks even in other departments of the company.

Projects that used to hang around for months were now completed in a matter of days. After evaluating the effectiveness of the solution, we realized that now a lot of money is saved, since the prices of previous partners on similar tasks against the prices of freelancers were much higher. At the same time, when Olga needs contracts, acts and invoices, we use the Business Safe service, and as far as I know, she remains completely satisfied with the quality every time.

For almost a year, thanks to freelancers, we have successfully completed more than 100 projects. The problem of the IT department has now been completely and finally solved, and the new tables with comfortable chairs have been cleaned of dust and used to expand the sales department.


You may ask, “What about that little freelancer? Who is he? Why is nothing listed? Where is the specific history of cooperation?”

I answer: “We worked with different freelancers and their age was often not older than 25 years. Compared to us, the company’s management team is our children 😇. We wrote great reviews to each of them, as the guys really deserved them. If you, the readers, are interested in describing the process of implementing specific projects – contact us through the editor and we will gladly share our experience again in another article.
I once again express my gratitude to the service and the team for the fact that they exist and give companies the opportunity to develop in the IT direction.

Thank you all for listening!”


Written by Shubham

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