Top 10 cities in the world for remote work

Many who have discovered remote work have already appreciated its advantages: the ability to plan your own working day, choose a convenient time, and most importantly – the place of work. Freelancers and remote workers can work anywhere, even in other countries. We bring to your attention the top 10 cities in the world for remote work, optimal in comfort and accessibility.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand can rightly be called the Mecca of freelancers and remote workers. This is not surprising – summer all year round inspires and seems to nourish with energy. And pricing allows you to work in a warm country without much care. In terms of convenience for work and life, Chiang Mai is the leader. It attracts by the fact that there is affordable housing, and quite comfortable, many inexpensive cafes and restaurants, self-service stores, chain supermarkets, shopping centers, markets with local food. In addition, the air temperature here is lower (up to +32 ° C) than in the rest of Thailand, since the city is located in the north of the country.

Chiang mai

According to the portal Numbeo (the largest database where you can find information about the quality and cost of living in almost all cities of the world. the data is constantly updated), the average level of salaries is from $ 600 dollars. For a comfortable and carefree life, you will need about $ 1,000 per month. Thanks to the so-called digital nomads (people who work outside the home and lead a mobile lifestyle), 25 co-working spaces have opened in the city in recent years. Further in the text we will refer to the coworker portal – a service for finding coworking spaces in different cities. You can get around by public transport, and it is better to rent a motorbike (from $ 6 per day) or a car (from $ 28 per day). Most hotels, cafes, restaurants have wireless Internet, so you can work anywhere in the city. When buying a local SIM card, you will be provided with high-speed mobile Internet.

Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon is a multicultural city that is growing and developing at a rapid pace. Freelancers choose it because of the pleasant mild climate, high quality of life, affordable prices for food and transport, cozy atmosphere. There are a lot of delicious vegetables and fruits, fresh and inexpensive seafood. The transport network is developed: there are metro, trams, buses, trains to the suburbs, you can rent a car, an electric scooter, a bicycle, an electric bicycle, an electric scooter.

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The average monthly salary is about $ 1191 per month. According to the site Nomadlist (a service for freelancers and remote workers, which compares and evaluates living conditions in different cities, takes into account such parameters as the cost of renting housing, weather conditions, Internet speed, security level and many others), total costs per month will be at the level of $ 1477 and above. Renting a car will cost $30 minimum. The Internet here is one of the highest speed in Europe. Most hotels provide free Wi-Fi access. In total, there are 3 main mobile operators in Lisbon, the largest is MEO (Altice). Freelancers and remote workers can comfortably work in one of the city’s 96 coworking spaces.

Berlin (Germany)

Fans of remote work are increasingly choosing Berlin to move. The capital of Germany captivates freelancers with its dynamic life and free atmosphere, the presence of Wi-Fi in almost all public places, many comfortable co-working spaces and cafes for work, the average level of food prices. The public transport network consists of trams, buses, metro, commuter trains and even 6 ferry routes. Car rental starts from $ 23, bicycles – from $ 10.


The average salary per month is $ 2969 (after taxes). Expenses per month for 1 person are approximately $ 1880. As for the Internet, there are more than 5,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in Berlin and Potsdam, to which you can connect for free and without registration (all points can be found through the Publicwifi service). Remote workers have 114 coworking spaces, so it’s easy to choose the right one.

Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona is the pearl of Spain, a city with a rich history and stunning architecture. You may like the mild Mediterranean climate, pleasant prices for products and services, a well-developed network of public transport, including the funicular and cable car. And most importantly – an excellent infrastructure for remote work in comfortable conditions. In Barcelona, you can choose to work with one of 134 coworking spaces. Of course, the Internet is provided by almost all hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants. Also in the city there is a network of more than 500 free points of connection to the Internet.


The average salary per month in Barcelona is $ 1713. Taking into account all the costs of a comfortable life, you will need $ 1921. In addition to public transport, you can move around the city by car (rent from $ 25), scooter (from $ 20) or bicycle (from $ 10).

Prague (Czech Republic)

The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the favorite places not only for tourists, but also for remote workers. The incredible beauty of the city, developed infrastructure, delicious local cuisine, reasonable prices for everything attract people from all over the world. The city has a widely developed network of public transport: 3 metro lines, 35 tram lines, 191 bus routes, ferry crossings, funicular. Rent a car will cost from $ 21 and above.

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In Prague, three main operators provide mobile Internet – Vodafone, 02, T-Mobile. Almost every café, restaurant, hotel, shopping center has free Wi-Fi. According to Numbeo, the average monthly salary is $ 1404. Expenses per month for 1 person average $ 1488. For comfortable work, freelancers and remote workers can choose one of 31 coworking spaces in the city.

Warsaw (Poland)

Moving to Warsaw is an easy and affordable option for those who want to try working abroad. Very low prices, almost no language barrier, security, a rapidly developing IT ecosystem are the main advantages of this city for remote workers. The public transport network is developed quite well and includes the metro, tram, bus, commuter trains. For convenience, you can rent a car (from $ 21) or a bicycle (registration 10 PLN, the first 20 minutes are free).


In Warsaw, access to the Internet is provided by many providers, you can choose someone who is satisfied with the price and speed of data transfer. The city also has free hotspots in public areas. You can work in coworking spaces, there are 39 of them here. The average monthly salary in Warsaw is $ 1078, you will have to spend about $ 1281 on living.

Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul is a city of contrasts, bright and dynamic, but at the same time very atmospheric. What attracts freelancers here? Mild climate, low prices for housing, delicious local cuisine, available vegetables and fruits all year round, well-developed transport network (metro, bus, tram, funicular, ferry). And of course, the attractive conditions for remote work are 62 coworking spaces in Istanbul, and the cost of renting a workplace is often cheaper than in European cities.


There are 3 main mobile operators in Istanbul – Turkcell, Vodafone, Turk Telekom. Free Wi-Fi is available in hotels, cafes, restaurants and public places, and even in public transport. You can rent a car for $ 25 or more. The average salary is not too high – only $ 443. As you can see on Nomadlist, $ 670 will be enough for living per month with all expenses in Istanbul.

Canggu (Bali, Indonesia)

Working on a fairy-tale island in a hammock under palm trees and to the sound of ocean waves – isn’t this picture that appears before our eyes when we hear the word “freelancing”? Perhaps that is why remote workers from all over the world flock to Bali. In recent years, the Canggu district has been gaining popularity, where the freelance community is actively developing. Plus, Canggu is an ideal place for surfers, many of whom combine work with their hobby. Prices for accommodation here are low, the quality of life and the speed of the Internet are high. And what else do digital nomads need?

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There is no public transport as such in Bali. Buses run between the cities, but the most convenient way to travel is bikes (rent from $ 4), motorcycles (from $ 8), or cars (from $ 16). Canggu has several fixed and mobile providers that provide reasonably good coverage. Wi-Fi can be found in numerous cafes, where freelancers usually work. Every year there are more and more convenient coworking spaces with comfortable conditions for work and leisure. The average monthly salary is $298. To enjoy life in Bali, you need at least $ 823 per month.

Budapest (Hungary)

Beautiful and hospitable Budapest is not only one of the most popular cities in Europe among tourists, but also a place where freelancers come to live and work. The food here is simply magnificent, the prices are low, the climate is warm, the housing is affordable, the infrastructure is developed perfectly, entertainment and attractions – at least plenty. The public transport network allows you to easily get to anywhere in Budapest and includes the metro, trams, buses, trolleybuses, electric trains and even regular boats on the Danube. If desired, you can rent a car (from $ 21) or a bicycle (a little less than $ 2).


Mobile communication and Internet in the city are provided by 3 operators: Telenor, Vodafone, Magyar Telekom. Free Wi-Fi can be found in many restaurants, cafes, hotels, public places. There are 24 coworking spaces for work in Budapest. The average salary is $823. To live comfortably for a month in Budapest, you will have to pay $ 1147.

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Why is Bratislava so attractive for moving? There is inexpensive accommodation, fast Internet, a pleasant climate all year round, a low crime rate, a convenient geographical location – you can easily reach other European capitals. In addition, moving to Slovakia is one of the easiest in Europe. Public transport routes (tram, bus, trolleybus) cover the entire city. For ease of movement, you can rent a car from $ 20.


In Bratislava there are areas with free Wi-Fi in public places, coffee shops, bars, restaurants. There are 4 large network operators in the country that provide high-quality coverage. Freelancers can work in one of the city’s 20 coworking spaces. The average salary is in the range of $ 1373. It will take about $ 872 to live a month.

For your convenience, we analyzed the data on the cost of living in different cities and summarized them in one table (prices are indicated in dollars):

Chiang mai420223220113549

* Rent 1-bedroom apartment in the city center.

** No rental price.


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