Vacancies, projects, competitions – how to differ and what to choose for the customer

Did you know that you can not only find a freelancer to perform a one-time task, but also a permanent employee in the company on our service? And about the fact that the project can be personal – open to a certain performer? Or about holding competitions as an opportunity to get a lot of ready-made solutions at once? Today we want to help our users understand the specifics of working on the site.

The project is an effective solution to the problem

From the very beginning, Freelancehunt has been focused on providing remote SERVICES in the field of IT and marketing. The main way to implement the tasks of customers is projects. The customer comes to our platform in search of performers. For example, when you need to create or promote a website, develop a logo, mount a video, write an article. In this case, he is not dealing with employees, but with freelancers – free specialists who perform a specific task.

The format of work is very simple. The customer publishes the project, describes the task and terms of cooperation. Then he receives feedback from freelancers who are interested in this task. In order for the work on the implementation of the project to start, it is necessary to study the applications received and choose the performer, focusing on his rating, portfolio, reviews from previous clients.

Within the framework of projects, you can implement a personal project directly with the selected contractor. Did you like the profile or portfolio of a particular freelancer from our database? Do you want to give the project to top performers who inspire more confidence? Or choose for the task a person with whom you collaborated before? In these cases, a personal project is suitable. It will not appear in the general feed and other freelancers will not be able to respond to it. The task description will be available only to the customer and the selected freelancer.

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For safe cooperation, we recommend our users to work through the Safe service. It provides financial guarantees to both parties to the transaction. The customer will receive a reserved payment back if the freelancer does not cope with the task or disrupts the deadlines. Legal entities can conduct a transaction through Business Safe.

The customer can open a freelance project if:

  • A one-time task must be performed.
  • It is impossible to provide your employees with a constant workload. It is easier to turn to remote specialists from time to time.
  • Diverse work is required, and suitable specialists are not planned to be recruited.
  • Full-time employees do not cope with large amounts of work, so some of the tasks, if necessary, can be transferred to freelancers.
  • You need a rare narrow-profile specialist for a certain one-time task. At the same time, a remote performer can live anywhere in the world.
  • It is more expedient to pay a freelancer for work once than to pay an employee’s salary every month without providing him with a full load.

Contests – choosing the best result

Another type of cooperation on our service is Contests. In this case, the customer publishes the task, and freelancers send their versions of the contest works. This format allows the customer to get dozens, or even hundreds of ready-made solutions. Of these, the customer chooses the option he likes, which, if necessary, finalizes with the author within the framework of this competition. You do not have to spend time studying the profiles of performers, you can immediately get a ready-made idea and evaluate the quality of work.

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The main categories in which competitions are held: design, naming, graphics, advertising. In other words, those specializations where there is a place for creativity. Freelancers strive to perform the task as best as possible, competing with each other, and the customer receives interesting and original solutions. However, not all specializations have the opportunity to open a competition. For example, in the promotion, programming, or provision of legal services, this format will not be implemented.

The contest is suitable if:

  • The task category corresponds to one of the categories of the competition (there are 33 of them).
  • The fee allocated for the competition is not lower than the minimum budget for a certain category.
  • You have a creative task – to develop the design of packaging, banner, labels, covers, come up with a slogan, naming.
  • We need creative solutions from different performers, the ability to choose from a variety of options.
  • There is no clear understanding of the final result, ready-made ideas are needed.
  • It doesn’t take long to complete the task. For example, interior design is a long-term and time-consuming process, which is better divided into several projects.

Job openings are a quick way to find an employee

In the summer of 2020, a new service appeared on Freelancehunt – Vacancies. Now companies can find employees on our platform for permanent work in the office or remotely. The functionality of the service allows you to do this quickly and easily. Most specialists are concentrated in categories related to marketing and IT-sphere.

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In order to post a vacancy, you must register and fill out a profile on behalf of the company. Create an attractive candidate search ad by specifying the requirements for the applicant, the employee’s responsibilities, working conditions and other important information. Pay for the vacancy and post it. After that, you’ll start getting feedback from candidates. Carefully study the resumes of specialists, clarify the questions of interest and invite suitable applicants for an interview.

When to open a vacancy:

  • You need a full-time employee in the office or remotely. Full-time or part-time work.
  • Interested in long-term tasks (maintaining accounts in social networks, Internet marketing, programming, accounting support).
  • There is a constant flow of work and large volumes of tasks. It’s easier to hire a team once instead of picking up a new performer every time.
  • The company has a large staff of specialists who perform diverse tasks and can close the need for any work.
  • It is possible to pay regular salaries by employees.

Features and differences of services

Who is suitableThose who are looking for an executor to implement one or more projectsThose who want to get several options for ready-made solutions. More about creative directionsThose who are looking for employees for permanent work, long-term cooperation in the office or remotely
How to implementPlacement of the project on the site. Receive performer responses. Choosing the Right FreelancerFilling out the brief, publishing the contest. Reception of ready-made options, selection of the winnerVacancy placement. Receiving feedback, studying the resumes of specialists. Selection of the right candidate
Who is neededFreelancerFreelancerPermanent Employee
What tasks need to be performedOne-time projects, diverse and highly specialized tasksCreative projects where multiple solutions are requiredPersistent Loading
How to choose a specialistStudy the responses. Analyze freelancer profiles, their portfolio, reviews, rating, presence/absence of arbitrage, professional levelStudy ready-made works from different freelancers, choose the most interesting one. Performer profile doesn’t matterStudy resume, cover letter, video resume, ask questions of interest, invite for an interview

As you can see, on Freelancehunt you can find any specialist for different tasks. Do you want to fill your site with content? Publish the project. Need a company logo? We recommend opening the contest. Looking for a designer, developer, or manager in the state? Create a job. We wish you successful work on the service!


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