What is the difference between the concepts of “freelancing” and “seniority”?

This question has been tormenting me for a long time – is it worth making freelancing a permanent place of work, realizing that there will be no official experience? I am sure that I am not the only one who was afraid to plunge headlong into this area. Well, I want to share my thoughts on this. Look, maybe my thoughts will become decisive for someone. Let’s try to solve this issue together once and for all, at least each for himself.

So, if you noticed, when I formulated the question, I used the words “freelancing” and “permanent work”. It seems to me that there is no point otherwise. After all, if you do not give freelancing at least 7-8 hours a day, then earnings will be no more than 200 hryvnia per week (at best). This is not even an additional income, because you will not have time to take large orders, you also need to rest. In addition, you will not be able to respond to customers instantly. Consequently, the profile will be less active than others, the number of days spent on the site will grow, while the number of reviews on the site will stand still.

Over time, such a profile will not be interesting to customers (few people will want to entrust their project to a person who has spent more than a year on the site, roughly speaking, and has only 2 reviews). No, I am not talking about the quality of your work, but only about the activity, which the customer also pays attention to.

So I think we’ve decided on that. If you take on something, then treat it responsibly, isn’t it? Yes, there are downtimes (why not give yourself a day off on this day?), there are “difficult” customers (and what, all bosses are “pleasant”?), there are force majeure and so on. But I will not dwell on these points, because this has already been repeatedly discussed in previous blog posts.

Facing Reality

If you start freelancing, you need to treat it as a real job. But what about official seniority? How to solve this dilemma? Now I want to tell you in order about how exactly I made a decision in my head. I had heard about freelancing for a long time, but I didn’t get to try it, because at that moment I was a student, and all the time I spent studying. You can’t argue here, you need to study and you need to have a higher education (well, at least, preferably). But as soon as I defended my diploma and closed the doors of the university, I went to look for a job. Official, of course. So that the experience goes, as my mother and grandmother (pupils of the USSR, by the way) said. And then the first “reality” overtook me.

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In the first 5 (!) places where I came for an interview, I was told as follows: “You have no experience, only from the student bench, so we, of course, can accept you in the staff, but be ready – the first 2-3 months will be an internship. It’s free. That is, you will work full-time, but we will not pay you anything, because we need to make sure that you are suitable for us. ” In earnest? At least a month or two to push in hot minibuses “to work”, spend money on this from the last scholarship and know that I am such a good guy working not even for food, but rather for an idea? Elsewhere I was assured, “You’re so young. It’s okay that there is no experience, but we will teach you everything now, and you will go on maternity leave in a year. And then you come back, and the child will be sick at least once a season. Do we need it?”

I didn’t want to go to work as a salesman with a higher education… But then, as it seemed to me then, luck smiled. I was hired by one of the city’s translation agencies. Work as usual – office, from 9 to 18 pm, an hour of lunch break. During the internship period, we agreed to work under the contract, and then – officially (what is needed!) I promised to pay 3000 hryvnia for the first three months (not a lot, but at least I will gain experience, I thought then), and then I was not even confused that the minimum salary was 3200 hryvnia.

The first month, which later became crucial, was hellishly difficult. I did more than 10 translations a day, returned home and just fell off my feet, from this I went to bed early, got up early. Life passed by, even for a short telephone conversation with the loved ones themselves, there was hardly enough energy and time. That was the first bell that you can’t last that long. Then there was the second bell. I received my first salary of 2400 instead of the promised three. Why? Because, 3000 UAH.he meant with a certain number of working days, and now he pays earlier, that is, there are fewer working days. I knew I was just being deceived.

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Events and reflections

On Friday night, I went home and created a profile for On Saturday I made myself a beautiful resume, portfolio and the second bet on the rewrite won! Thus began my journey into this world. From now on, even sitting at work, I updated my profile, checked the feed and as I made orders, the first reviews already appeared.

After the first month of freelancing, I even allowed myself to buy a refrigerator (albeit a small one, but still new)! Is there a difference? And after all these events, I realized that I needed to go freelance and work at home. But seniority, how about seniority?? Then I began to think logically, why would he? It’s right to get a pension. What? That’s right, minimal. Is it enough? Right, no. And what do grandparents go to do? That’s right, to earn extra money in the market and so on. Are they happy about it? Everyone will answer for themselves. I asked some “adult” acquaintances: “Why do you work officially? Do you like your job in general?” and, you know, the answer was predictable: “No, I don’t really like it. What’s the question? Of course, I work for money. We still have to live to see retirement!” Just to be expected!

So I was sitting, thinking, and my grandmother suddenly walked in the door of the office. Believe it or not, she asked me, “Daughter, I’m walking around the offices here selling knitted socks. It’s a shame to propose this, but the pension is not enough at all. Don’t beg to go. And so you feel good, because in the market they will cost more, and I have a penny. Will you buy it?” / Of course, I helped as much as I could – I bought socks for the whole family, I also took her phone number, maybe I will order a scarf for the winter, I feel sorry for the old woman … And for the sake of such an old age, I want to spend my whole life OFFICIALLY sitting in the office? No! That was the third bell.

But the next discovery, which was shared by the “old-timers” of the office, amazed me! It turns out that the boss takes orders from freelance resources! He started as a freelancer himself, but then he opened an office, recruited staff (which I also got into), bets, wins, distributes tasks among us and goes home. We work all day, he gets good money from projects (and if the exchange is American, then, of course, payment in dollars), and we get only a penny … I realized that I was still in my early twenties, and if I really wanted to, then in a couple of years I would be able to open something of my own and work officially for myself. In addition, I forgot to say, the boss did not give official holiday weekends and short working days (like the Independence Day of Ukraine and so on). Weekends are always only Saturday and Sunday.

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Exit from the matrix

That’s when I immersed myself in free swimming on freelancing. And now I can definitely answer the main question from above. The difference is that “seniority” is a lifetime of working for someone and hoping that at the age of 65 you can still relax. Once you start, “run”, and by the age of 30 you will not want to change anything, you just get used to this way of life. You will become an office robot that no longer strives for anything, but only waits for a salary from month to month (I do not generalize, but privately it is so). And “freelancing” is unlimited opportunities in earnings, it is always a movement forward, because you yourself are responsible for your work, which means that you strive for perfection, constantly learn something new. So, I came to freelance as a translator, but at the moment I have learned to do rewriting, copywriting, development of naming and slogans, development of presentations, writing scripts for cold calls and transcription. Moreover, I can not but rejoice that freelancing is a whole friendly team, a family, in other words. Here you can always get support (and just write about what worries you, and apply to arbitration if there are difficulties on the project, and the very concept of “Safe” gives a guarantee of payment), communicate with other freelancers and write to the customer yourself, express your opinion about some projects, voting either for a reduced budget or for violating the rights of the service. You definitely don’t feel lonely, it’s something like a “virtual office”.

Isn’t that an experience? But, of course, I never want to stand still, because you always need to fight! I plan to learn so many more new, at least a second foreign language. Moreover, the free work schedule allows me to also write my own book! Therefore, I wish everyone, including myself, good luck! Life is only a movement forward and do not be afraid to break stereotypes! And a comfortable old age only thanks to seniority is only an illusion.


Written by Shubham

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