Winning projects without dumping or 10 tips for novice freelancers

How to win among a large number of bets to the project? How to take into work projects even with a small rating on a freelance service? These and other tips for novice freelancers we will consider in this article.

Among novice freelancers, there is a myth that there are many restrictions on freelancing for them, and in general, compared to professional freelancers, it is much more difficult for them to take a project to work. Actually, it’s not. Both professional freelancers and beginners are in demand on freelance services, and in order to take projects, we recommend that novice freelancers adhere to the following simple rules:

1. Place your bets on projects you can complete. Don’t limit yourself to one bet per project

“Water does not flow under a recumbent stone.” If you try your hand at betting only in one project and get one refusal, then it is quite possible to assume that you are an “unlucky beginner”. But in the second or third project, the customer can choose you and then you will be the “lucky one”.

2. Don’t be afraid to bet on projects where there are already offers from other freelancers

“One more, one less.” By adding a rate to another project that you can complete, you increase the percentage of probability that in one of the projects you will be chosen.

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3. Do not underestimate prices in bets

“Don’t spit in the water, it will come in handy to get drunk.” Sooner or later you will become a professional and then you will, on the contrary, raise prices. It is better to bet in a project with a low price and low requirements than to sign to the customer that you are such a “professional” who is “ready to work for food” or for free, which in the end will not suit either you or the customer. Moreover, it will cause indignation of other freelancers and complaints about you to the administration of the service.

4. Make your bet unique and sell you as a specialist

“They meet you by your clothes, they see you off by your mind.” Your bet to the project is your face and almost the only opportunity to impress the customer. We assure you that the proposals “I will do” or “+”, the message with errors in the text are a correct refusal to cooperate.

5. Learn new skills and bet on projects that don’t have bets

“To learn, to learn, and to learn again.” Technology is developing at a tremendous pace. For example, a year ago it was very difficult to find a specialist in Bitrix24, although all training materials were free and freely available. At the moment, there are enough such specialists and the number of bets in projects with Bitrix24 is the same as in projects in other specialties. However, today there are other projects for which there are not enough specialists.

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6. Show your customers your expertise

“Do you have the same one, but with your hands? No? We’ll look for…”. Surely you already have some examples of work that can be shown to the customer. Fill out the portfolio in the profile and invite customers to familiarize themselves with your examples of work. Let them not fully meet the requirements of this particular project – but similar work is still better than nothing?

7. Be sure to be polite and give feedback to customers

This time, “Don’t spit in the well, it will come in handy to get drunk.” Firstly, no one canceled polite and respectful communication, and this applies not only to the correspondence of the customer and the freelancer. Secondly, today’s answer: “You have a very interesting proposal, but I, unfortunately, am now busy. I would love to work with you in the future,” he may bring you a regular customer tomorrow. Isn’t that much better than just silence in response to a letter?

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8. Improve your portfolio

“After all, tomorrow will be better than today.” On the Internet, there are a large number of free courses, including with the possibility of obtaining a certificate at the end of training. Your portfolio in the profile can look much better with certificates, and if you add pictures to the texts, the portfolio will look even more attractive.

9. Try different features of the freelance service

“Whoever doesn’t take risks doesn’t drink champagne.” It is possible that you do not have the gift of a copywriter or the abilities of a sales manager, but you may well be a great programmer. Claiming the highest income among freelancers, it is probably quite logical to take advantage of the best opportunities for remote cooperation? For example, Profile Plus.

10. Work

“Work is not a wolf – it will not run away into the forest.” In this paragraph, the proverb is wrong. Freelancing is a difficult job, which is why freelancers earn well. To take projects into work, to earn well – you need to work. It is possible that the first days of your work will consist in studying prices and compiling a beautiful, complete portfolio. But, based on the practice of successful freelancers, this gives its result.


Written by Shubham

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